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Sleek Matte Me Lip cream is a matte lip cream that is easy to apply.
This matte lip gloss is well covered from the first time and is easy to apply and very long lasting.
Want to make Sleek Matte Me Lip Gloss last even longer? Then use a lip pencil in the same type of color or a transparent lip pencil.

Sleek make-up is known for its high-quality products at a budget price. Sleek Makeup is a British brand with a wide range of makeup.
Sleek make up is known for the super good pigmentation.
Due to the quality and pigmentation, Sleek products are also very suitable for women with a tinted skin color.

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Hydrogenated styrene Isoprene copolymer, Ceresin, Silica, BHT, Propyl pairs May Contain: TITANIUM DIOXIDE / CI77891 RED, IRON OXIDE / CI77491 YELLOW, IRON OXIDE / CI77492 D&C Orange NO.5CI45370: 2 D&C Red NO.6

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